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Chronic Pain: The Pain management Plan

Join 35 NHS Chronic Pain Services (and 1,000s of private individuals) using it


The Pain Management Plan

  • Developed by NHS Pain Specialists
  • Research-evidenced benefits (download the papers here)
  • Can be delivered with 3/4 brief patient contacts, face-to-face, by phone or email
  • Works brilliantly in a group setting
  • Includes a relaxation, breathing and stress management programme on CD (can be bought seperately)
  • 95% of users said they would recommend it to others
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Now you can buy it yourself if a medically qualified person has told you…

  • You have Chronic Pain or Fibromyalgia
  • The pain is not from a life-threatening illness
  • The doctor has told you there is no cure for your pain
  • And the pain has not suddenly changed or got worse

The Pain Management Plan can help you live a better life despite pain. Please read all of the information on the site, see some sample pages, and look at the FAQs page before you decide to buy.

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