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Buy For Your Patients

The Pain Management Plan is a cognitive behavioural self-management programme for people with long-term pain.

It works best when ‘facilitated’ by a healthcare worker who has taken part in a brief (1 or 2 day) training.

Using it, many patients can gain the benefits of a full MDT programme doing most of the work themselves in their own environment.

It addresses many of the common psychological and emotion problems that patients face.

By offering self-management as an option more patients can be helped by the MDT team.

It is sold to Healthcare providers in multiples of 15 copies (a box). Click here to download the price list and order form.

If you would like a free sample of either of the PMP or the Relaxation CD, please email your contact details using the contact form (an NHS or Health Provider postal address is required)

Relaxation and Breathing Training


The Deep Relaxation and Better Breathing CD is part of the PMP but is also available as a separate purchase. It comes with a 12-page booklet.

Widely used in the NHS at low cost for bulk purchases (50 or 100 copies)


“Patients love it, it’s helpful for mood, sleep and pain problems and all without drugs”

Dr F R Cole, GP West Yorkshire