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Pain Management Plan Relaxation Tracks

The relaxation and breathing exercise are for the personal use of people who have been selected to use the Pain Management Plan Book with help from an NHS member of staff or similarly qualified therapist.

Please do not share with others, unless they are immediate family and you have been advised that this is appropriate. Thank you.

Do not listen whilst driving or where you need to be alert!

Please listen to track 1 ‘Introduction’ first.

If you experience any problems relaxing listen to track 10.

If you have tried all 3 options to access the relaxation tracks and are still having problems, please ask the staff member working with you for help.

Enjoy deep relaxation and peace.

Option 1 – Stream tracks from this website.


  • It’s very simple, just choose the track and click the play button  
  • Doesn’t take up any space on your device


  • You need a connection to the internet
  • Each time you listen it uses a little of your data allowance.

Click here if you like this option.

Option 2 – Download the CD as a Podcast


  • Once you’ve downloaded all the tracks (episodes) you can listen anytime, anywhere without a phone signal or wifi
  • You can see all the tracks in a list of ‘episodes’ and choose the one you want.
  • It only takes data from your allowance one time.


  • You may have to download a Podcast App to your phone or tablet (but many come with the App already present).
  • You may have to alter the settings on the App to prevent it deleting the tracks you have listened to.

We have provided simple video and written instructions for iPhone and Google Play. 

For iPhone or iPad click here.

For any other phone or Google tablet click here.