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Who is the Pain Management Plan suitable for?
People with long-term pain that has been medically investigated and who have been told there is no treatment other than pills or injections.The diagnosis may be fibromyalgia, chronic pain, idiopathic pain or you may have arthritis, rheumatism, chronic back or neck pain. Research has shown that it works best for people who have accepted that there is not going to be a magic “cure” and who want to know what they can do to make life more bearable.
Who is it not suitable for?
People with new, acute pain that has not been investigated by a doctor. Although some of the information in the Pain Plan may help people who need palliative or end of life pain management as the result of cancer or other illness this is not what it was designed for and we do not advise its use for that purpose. If you are very depressed and feel life is not worth living anymore you should first seek medical help. The Pain Management Plan will help you best when you have received that help and are feeling more optimistic. If pain is making your life unbearable and you have not sought an expert opinion you should ask to be referred to the local Pain Service – every part of the UK has one.
How does it work?
The Pain Plan can be read as information and many people use it that way and find it helpful, but it is really designed to be used as an action programme. To get the most out of the Pain Plan set some goals and work through the programme, week by week, in the way described.
Could it harm me?
Many thousands of people have used the PMP and we have never heard of any problems BUT if you are working through the Pain Management Programme on your own, you MUST have seen your GP about your pain. A new pain can indicate a serious medical problem that requires immediate treatment. This must be ruled out before you start to use the Pain Plan. If you develop a new or more serious pain whilst using the Pain Plan you should stop using it and report this to your doctor.
Will it help me?
If you are unsure if it will help please ask your doctor. Use of the Pain Management Plan is at your own risk, we cannot not guarantee that it will help. Please look at the sample downloads on this site before ordering a copy. If you feel uncertain please discuss with your Doctor before buying. If you have bought a copy and feel you have been mislead in anyway please contact us.
Is this website part of the NHS?
No, most copies of the Pain Plan are sold wholesale to the NHS for use in Pain Management Clinics. This website and Npowered are not part of the NHS. The website belongs to Npowered Ltd, the publishers of the Pain Management Plan. We are selling the Pain Plan to the public because NHS patients have said they thought everyone living with long-term pain should be able to have a copy.
How can I find a chronic pain management programme close to me?
You can click here to go the National Audit of Pain website and enter your postcode.
Do I need my doctor's permission to use it?
If at all possible you should discuss using the PP with your doctor; why not take it along? If you have found it helpful it would be good to recommend it to your Doctor or pain team. In this way it may be made available to more people through the NHS.
Is it available on Kindle or as an e-book?
Not yet. It is highly illustrated and this means it will be best viewed on a computer screen or a large tablet. The printed copy contains a diary that you fill in; this will not be possible with an e-book. The relaxation CD will have to be purchased separately. For these reasons we are currently only producing it in print but, if you feel strongly about this contact us.
Who can I talk to about my pain?
A free HELPLINE for support and advice is provided by the charity, Pain Concern. The helpline number is 0300 123 0789 and it is open Mon-Fri 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. They also have a list of online resources for people living with pain click here. Another support group run by people living with pain is Action on Pain. Their mission statement is, “That everybody affected by pain shall have early access to effective treatment and support wherever they live; whatever their circumstances; whatever their colour or creed.” They have also have a helpline, PainLine – 0845 6031593 which operates Mon-Fri 10:00 to 16:00 hrs.

If you have other questions you’d like answered please contact us. If we have many that are similar we will post the answer here.


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