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The Evidence

The Pain Plan was evaluated in a year-long study carried out in three very well-established MDT NHS pain centres.

The trial showed that disability was significantly reduced  and self-efficacy improved.

Download a PDF of the research reports published in the Pain Society’s Pain News.

The second of the two papers was a qualitative study. Patients said it:

  • gave them support and validation for the experience of living with pain
  • Improved understanding of pain mechanisms and coping strategies
  • provided a continuing resource for use after the end of the ‘programme’
  • gave an understanding of how mood, thoughts and beliefs alter the experience of pain
  • taught them relaxation which was very highly valued by 50% of users
  • led to success with goals and motivation
  • helped patients learn pacing techniques
  • was highly appreciated and recommended


An unpublished, independent study also showed that the PMP can be understood by anyone with a reading age of 9 years upwards. To see the comparison with other pain management books, click here